Within a few weeks the 2nd of "cydds" old, colocated machines went defunct and had to be decomssioned.
(Only the flying Spaghetti Monsters knows WHY he took such machines over in the first place, but sadly I can't go back in time and prevent that :/ )

Since i need to get rid of the two piles of junk PLUS set up a new server the fees for that alone are $300,00

I will bring the site back up within the next hours/days, in the meantime consider to donate once we are back or we cannot stay online. Once we are through this, only dedicated servers will be left, so no more repairs/decomissioning ahead. Monthly fees will also be lower soon.

Backups are (worst case) from Monday morning, so a few torrents/posts/shouts and stats will be missing. It looks as though the latests backups are corrupted, i did not notice that as I lack the time to test them daily...

please join our IRC: #rockbox at P2P-NETWORK.NET port 6667 (Web Chat here) or email me via if you have a question