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File Name:[Request] Living Sacrifice (1990-2010)
Download Torrent:[Request] Living Sacrifice (1990-2010)
Info Hash:09ab5f0827aca266af4955468648a13ae9c9e63e

[1990] Not Yielding To Ungodly @ 320kbps
[1991] Living Sacrifice @ 320kbps
[1992] Nonexistent @ 320kbps
[1994] Inhabit @ HQ variable (~256kbps)
[1997] Reborn @ 320kbps
[2000] The Hammering Process @ 320kbps
[2002] Conceived In Fire @ 320kbps
[2005] In Memoriam @ 320kbps
[2008] Death Machine @ 256kbps
[2010] The Infinite Order @ HQ variable (~320kbps)

Current Lineup
Bruce Fitzhugh - Vocals / Guitar
Lance Garvin - Drums
Rocky Gray - Lead Guitar
Arthur Green - Bass

Living Sacrifice formed in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1989. Bruce Fitzhugh and Lance Garvin were teenagers when they got together with their friend DJ Johnson and later Jason Truby (who later went on to join P.O.D.) determined to create a metal band as musically uncompromising as the secular groups of the day with a positive lyrical message. This was practically unheard of at the time and to many quite controversial, blowing open doors and crossing preconceived boundaries with a mix of thrash and death metal across their first three albums: their 1991 self-titled debut, the following year's Nonexistent and 1994's Inhabit, a classic trio of primal heaviness all released by the now defunct R.E.X. Records.

With Bruce taking over from DJ, who left to pursue non-musical ministry, on lead vocals, Living Sacrifice as most of their fans know them came into being with the appropriately titled Reborn. Released in 1997, the album is a landmark for the genre and spawned countless imitators both within the Christian scene and outside. With boundaries further blurred, Living Sacrifice found even more acceptance by mainstream metal press and respect from fellow bands without compromising their artistic or spiritual vision whatsoever.

Rocky Gray and Arthur Green came onboard for 2000's The Hammering Process, an even more mathematical affair that saw the further development of the band's signature choppy, percussive riff-fueled style, all with Fitzhugh's instantly recognizable voice, Garvin's incredible and much-talked about drumming Gray's adept "spider-fingers" shredding atop. Bleeding Through's Brandan Schieppati hails the album as one of his biggest influences.

"You would be hard pressed to find bands who started during the time Living Sacrifice did that are still around making albums at all, let alone timeless and relevant metal," says Throwdown frontman Dave Peters. "Their musicianship is unreal, but I've always been blown away by the band's songwriting ability. They never fail to make their songs tell a story but without following any kind of predictable formula or spinning off into tangents. And they are a riff factory!"

Conceived in Fire drove that point home further in 2002. Living Sacrifice's first pairing with Andy Sneap as mixer resulted in another incredible slab of molten metal that turned a corner for the entire scene. Unfortunately, personal and musical commitments elsewhere (Gray's drumming gig with Evanescence, for example) saw the dissolution of the group. However, after reconvening to record three new songs for a "best of" collection In Memoriam released in 2005, it was clear that the spirit of Living Sacrifice could not rest and the band was, once again, literally and figuratively "reborn."
Subgenre:Death / Thrash
Bitrate:320 k
Size:855.73 MB
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