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File Name:Interrupting Cow - Desecration Of The Universe (EP) (2012)
Download Torrent:Interrupting Cow - Desecration Of The Universe (EP) (2012)
Info Hash:1205fdbf4cb14ae5dec638ea9d8881dbe85e7c30
Description:Kng Antchrst


Artist : Interrupting Cow

Country : United States

Current Status : Active

Genre : Technical Deathcore

Album : Desecration Of The Universe (EP)

Released : 2012

Label : Self-released

Quality : 320k



Vince Villani -- Everything


Everyone into Deathcore should check this stuff out!
Quite frankly, I am really impressed about this one-man band.
I give this album a well deserved 5/5 as well!


➥ Bandcamp
➥ Facebook Fanpage



From Vince Villani himself : Interrupting Cow was started by me (Vince), Sean, and Justin back in 2010 as a joke band. Before I got real big on deathcore, pig squeals were somewhat humorous to us. Don't get me wrong, I love my dose of insane brees and slow chuggy breakdowns, but we wanted to make a silly project where the pig squeals would be humorous to people, but still be retardedly brutal for no reason. Thus, the name Interrupting Cow. A little badass, but pretty silly. So yeah, the band was a joke. Our first EP "Gorsmotchua" was released in August. Straight inhales, breakdowns, and blast beats. All recorded by me and Justin on vocals, and me doing everything else. After this EP and the other horribly stupid EP "Pocket Full of Entrails" in 2011, I realized that I really wanted to start creating some awesome deathcore that I could say was mine. Ya see, so many bands are awesome, but how many times I found myself saying "Damn, the song's good, but this or that in that part would've made the entire song that much better" was inevitable. So I decided to take matters in my own hands. Seeing as the project's name was Interrupting Cow, I decided to keep it still somewhat humorous, but still kick ass deathcore. So every song name was just inside jokes that we all had through our retarded lives, like "Italian Jesus Football" or "And That's All You Need to Know" and "Respect and Pizza Bagels". The first somewhat serious album was released in 2011, titled "Sunshine Rainbows"...our first full length. Again, about 95% of this was me, but I had quite a few people come in on vocals. Me, Justin, Johann, and Sean. Although the production quality was poor, being a kid who never learned anything about mixing or recording or anything at all, people enjoyed this album a ton, because of the fucking crazy breakdowns and insanely large bass drops. Now, this project was mostly my creation, and either cause of that or the fact bros always lose that connection at some point, I found myself doing Interrupting Cow all by myself. I released my first completely 100% me album (EP) shortly after on December 31, 2011, "Desecration of the Universe". I put in so much work to this EP. It demonstrated some of my best writing abilities and my vast variations of deathcore, ranging from melodic, to symphonic, or technical, to brutal. That's one thing I always do on our albums. Every song is deathcore, but not every song is the same subgenre of deathcore. Every IC albums mixes it the fuck up. At this point, people enjoyed my style of music, so I felt the name Interrupting Cow was not serious enough for my newly serious music. So I changed the name to "Inequities of the Selfish and Tyranny" a few months ago, and released 2 singles. Then I realized, hey, fuck it. Interrupting Cow is where I was meant to be. So I went back over and produced our newest track "Utopian Dreamer," from my next full length or possibly EP "Utopian Dreamer" coming summer of 2012. Johann recorded vocals with me and provided some feedback, but this is still a mostly one man group once again.


Album : Desecration Of The Universe (EP)



№ 1. Ascension (Intro) -- (02:07)
№ 2. Trifecta Of Pull -- (04:15)
№ 3. Desecration Of The Universe -- (03:28)
№ 4. Gar Gar Binks -- (02:35)
№ 5. Seamonster Mermaid's Daughter -- (02:40)
№ 6. Ghost Firetruck -- (03:41)
№ 7. Pray For Plagues (Short Cover) -- (01:53)


Youtube Preview


Kng Antchrst-------------------> Enjoy and please SEED! -------------------> Cheers! ツ
Subgenre:Technical Deathcore
Bitrate:320 k
Size:48.64 MB
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Last Seed Update23/10/2014 06:54:29


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