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File Name:Scorpions - Acoustica (Live in Lisboa)
Download Torrent:Scorpions - Acoustica (Live in Lisboa)
Info Hash:12fc78729deddbd18fb714a264b15353a4552ceb
Description:Scorpions  -  Acoustica (Live In Lisboa)

Scorpions are a rock band from Hannover, Germany formed in 1965 by guitarist Rudolf Schenker, who is the band's only constant member (although Klaus Meine has been lead singer for all their studio albums). They are known for their 1980s rock anthem "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and many singles, such as "No One Like You", "Send Me an Angel", "Still Loving You", and "Wind of Change". The band was ranked No. 46 on VH1's Greatest Artists of Hard Rock program. "Rock You Like a Hurricane" is also No. 18 on VH1's list of the 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs. On January 24, 2010, after 45 years of performing, the band announced that they would be retiring after touring in support of their new album Sting in the Tail, although this decision was eventually retracted. The band sold over 100 million albums worldwide.

The Scorpions began in Hanover, as a garage band featuring Meine and Schenker. After several years of playing around Germany, the band broke up due to lack of success. They got back together to record the soundtrack to an obscure movie called The Cold Paradise; it was released as their debut album Lonesome Crow, the band toured to support it, and then broke up again. They reformed, toured again, and finally got a record deal. However, the band members had to fulfill their required time in the German army and the band was put on hold. When they got out, they enlisted the guitar duties of Uli John Roth, as sometimes-guitarist Michael Schenker was recruited by UFO, and recorded Fly To The Rainbow. Several more line-up changes later, the band honed their sound to a definable, sometimes memorable science on their third effort In Trance, the first recording with long-time producer Dieter Dierks. Next came the controversial, but classic Virgin Killer, whose sexist album cover was banned all over the planet. Several albums later, the band hit the big time with their breakthrough '80s classic Blackout. Already a huge live attraction, the band cemented their American stranglehold with the radio staple "No One Like You," the first of many hits to come. Their follow-up, Love At First Sting, was even bigger and featured several radio/MTV hits, such as "Big City Nights" and their anthem "Rock You Like A Hurricane." From 1982 to 1990 the band churned out hit after hit, and dominated the '80s heavy metal movement lead by such acts as Van Halen, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, and Bon Jovi. The Scorpions were always one of the biggest non-American bands to find multi-platinum success in the fickle American market place. Just when the metal scene started to fizzle out, and the Scorpions' popularity seemed as if it might come to an end, the German warriors came back with their biggest hit yet, "Winds Of Change," a power ballad that capitalized on the fall of the Berlin Wall. Still, after riding the winds of success for a couple of years, the Scorpions' popularity inevitably began to fade. Several more records of metal-lite proved to nail the coffin shut for the German wonderboys.

Continuing to put out albums, the Scorpions are still able to pack houses; it's just that the houses have shrunk from arenas to amphitheaters. Still, for a one-dimensional heavy metal band, they have managed to carve out one hell of a long career for themselves. Always a favorite among heavy metal diehards, the Scorpions will always have the distinction of bringing the world three great guitar players, an anthem of freedom for Berlin, and whole mess of fashion faux pas.
"Winds Of Change" is their biggest hit yet.

Tracklist :

01. Loving you sunday morning
02. Is there anybody there
03. The zoo
04. Always somewhere
05. Life is too short
06. Holiday
07. You and I
08. When love kills love
09. Tease me please me
10. Dust in the wind
11. Send me an angel
12. Under the same sun
13. Rhythm of love
14. Back to you
15. Catch your train
16. i wanted to cry
17. Hurricane 2001
18. Wind of change
19. Love of my life
20. Drive
21. Still loving you

Screensize: 16:9
Compression: None (mds-file, created with IMGBurn added)
Audio : LPCM, DD 5.1, DTS
Menu: Yes
Extra`s: Yes
Artwork : Fried in the torrent...

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Genre:Music Dvd
Subgenre:Hard Rock
Size:7.84 GB
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4 files
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Last Seed Update12/10/2014 14:05:53


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