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File Name:Karst - Cleaning A Cave (2011)
Download Torrent:Karst - Cleaning A Cave (2011)
Info Hash:317764718ae2ba31abdb807f3ea13536a203bfa5
Description:Kng Antchrst


Artist : Karst

Country : Hungary

Current Status : Active

Genre : Progressive Black Metal

Album : Cleaning A Cave

Released : 2011

Label : Self-released

Quality : 320k



Balázs Hubicska -- Guitars
Dániel Czakó -- Drums
Kristóf Váradi-Orosz -- Vocals
Tamás -- Bass


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Karst [Orchestra Miskolc] was formed in 13 Juny 2009 by name-changing from its 'forefather', Nebulosus Fatum (2005-2009), which played 33 concerts, released 3 demos and produced 9 ex-members. The present line-up had problems in lack of members, session guitarists supported us live - Kosztyi Milán (Sky Above Heroes) and Barna Tamás (Eclipse). Second one's solo can be heard on a track of the band's full-length.

The line-up of 'Cleaning a Cave' album is quite irregular - Dániel played drum and guitar tracks too, Balázs was the bass player in that times so he only treated his instrument. The album contains 10 tracks, in order from the first written in the Nebulosus Fatum-era to the latest, last composition. - To close a period and open a new, in which we would like to stand for suiting the claims established for ourselves in live and in writing music. Latter became easier and more naturally when Balázs, our former bass guitarist took the six-strings, in lack of a permanent guitarist, and his post is filled by a close friend, Tamás - to turn the coming, song-writing and jamming times easier.

Music of Karst has obvious influences from classic, raw black metal but as a reverence to the traditions we wouldn't use it to define our genre. A rather prefered definiton is 'extreme rock' or any better and more creative tag, like 'audience-dissipation'. (A bit more about the bandname 'Karst': ~ topography is a landscape shaped by the dissolution of a layer or layers of soluble bedrock.)


Album : Cleaning A Cave



№ 1. Kettős (03:36)
№ 2. Oltalmazó (04:44)
№ 3. Beteg (03:19)
№ 4. Megbomlott (03:44)
№ 5. Halandó (04:21)
№ 6. Közös (05:14)
№ 7. Etlen (04:48)
№ 8. Sóvár (05:20)
№ 9. Bead A Part (04:27)
№ 10. Jövő (05:33)


➥ Online Review

maskofgojira wrote:
I rarely see a cover, in metal, let alone black metal, that looks like this, being a lot more common with the post-hardcore scene. So, once again, this was a case of me being interested in the cover before anything else. I'm hopeful that this band is interesting, because a lot of bands from Eastern Europe rarely are interesting, to me.

From the onset, this record made it known that it would not be another black metal record. It's rare that a black metal album of any kind opens with a funk-esque bass-line, if it's even been done at all. That isn't to say that this is a blackened funk metal album just because it makes use of very clean and distinct bass-lines, this band takes their sound into multiple territories including straight ahead black metal. The use of post-rock, funk, jazz, screamo, and, to an extent, noise rock really shape the album into something rather unique, as one track never really sticks to one sound, usually shifting into another style about halfway through without much regard to traditions. Granted, all of their transitions are done very well, it's not like a haphazard style-shift, it was very fluid throughout.

It's interesting because for the entire length of this album, I really wanted to enjoy it more than I was. I really felt like the ideas, the songwriting, and the performances were all there, but there was just something keeping me from loving this like I've loved other records with a similar sort of genre-bending concept. I think what's keeping me from loving this is the more black metal sections, honestly. While they're well done, as I said above, sometimes they feel a bit average and uninspired, nothing new or all that interesting happening during some of the sections involving them. Now, none of these songs are really bad, I have preference towards some of the ladder tracks like Közös and Etlen, but none of them are bad at all, in fact, a lot of them are good. It just seemed to me that when the band was performing a more jazzy section or went into an almost rock part, they seemed to be playing a lot more interesting riffs that went into weird directions. A track like Jövő is just a lot more creative and distinctive than a track like Kettős in my opinion, and that's ultimately what kept me from loving this record.

This is an interesting record that, to me, is just missing a bit more ingenuity to move it up to the next level. Keep in mind, I still enjoyed this record, but there was just something about it that kind of stopped me from loving it. I definitely recommend people checking this out if they like more experimental black metal.

Overall Score: 8

Highlights: Megbomlott, Közös, Bead A Part


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Kng Antchrst-------------------> Enjoy and please SEED! -------------------> Cheers! ツ
Subgenre:Progressive Black Metal
Bitrate:320 k
Size:105.84 MB
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11 files
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Last Seed Update21/10/2014 17:21:33


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