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File Name:Erra - Augment (2013)
Download Torrent:Erra - Augment (2013)
Info Hash:411e806ab695f3b59e3ac5381ab55f4db611437c
Description:Erra - Augment (2013)

Band Info:

Erra is a five piece progressive metalcore band hailing from Birmingham, Alabama recovered from ex members of “By Blood and Iron”, a band that caught a lot of attention from “Death Metal” listeners. They were only a Birmingham local band but managed to gain a solid following.

In the wake of “By Blood and Iron”, Erra formed in 2009 following a line-up change grabbing ex guitarist of “Broadcast the Nightmare”. The band became a solid unit shortly after with countless practices and completely honing their sound. It wasn’t hard for the band to find their sound with everyone having the same influences and style of writing tech-rhythm time signatures and melodies. The main focus of the band was writing music people would hear and not automatically fit them into genres and sub-genres shoving them to the side into the over saturated “cliche metal” market we have now days. It’s not about fashion or status with these guys. They genuinely want to make music that will give hope to innovative music and hard to please listeners. It’s not easy to please every listener but it’s easy to gain the respect of fellow musicians and listeners with their raw talent and energy.

Birmingham, AL progressive metalcore band Erra,formed in the winter if 2009. First rooted by Garrison Lee (screams) and Jesse Cash (vocals/guitar) in the attempts to re-live a style once defined by frontrunners Misery Signals, they would soon find a place for close friends Alex Ballew (drums) and Adam Hicks (bass). Alan Rigdon (guitars) was welcomed into the band as they sought out a second local guitar player, and stumbled upon his personal music page via MySpace. The band as a whole decided to bring their melodic metalcore to a level that satisfied everyone’s individual tastes without chaotically convoluting a mess of mismatched sound. After much writing,practice, and two self-established releases, they’re now confident they’ve done exactly that.

As far as intentions go for the group, they all established the ambition of being in career touring bands directly out of high school. With their current progress, this intention has yet to change, and has made them all the wiser about what it takes to make this goal a reality for Erra. Confidence, maturity, modesty, hard-work, and keeping a level head has allowed them to continue to see eye to eye and move forward in this difficult and competitive environment.

They entered the Studio in late 2009 for their self titled ep. With Guitarists Jesse Cash and Alan Rigdon constantly writing material, they entered the studio again in July of 2010 for their second release, “Andromeda”. Andromeda is set to release in December 2010.

Their new record “Impulse” and first label-release (through Tragic Hero Records), looks to embrace a broad audience that they once overlooked in their attempts to showcase creativity, talent, and performance. While their hearts are still ever present in the writing styles of MiserySignals and Between the Buried and Me, they wanted to challenge themselves with the task of reaching the minds of those who enjoy bands like The Devil WearsPrada, The Ghost Inside, Meshuggah and Saosin. The goal was to find a hearty balance between the catchy melodic and the technically progressive, and neither water down any instance of balancing heavy dominance with melodic ambience. Erra hopes their sound caters to everyone in some form or fashion, and intends to bring a product that will have replay value in the years to come.

This band is not slowing down and is surely nothing you want to skim through. The only difference between them and your favorite band is, you haven’t heard Erra yet.

Current line-up:
  • Alan Rigdon: Guitar
  • Alex Ballew: Drums
  • Garrison Lee: Vocals
  • Adam Hicks: Bass
  • Jesse Cash: Guitar/Vocals

    Progressive Metalcore

    Formed In:

    Tragic Hero Records

    USA (Birmingham, Alabama)

    Record Label:
    Tragic Hero Records

  • (2010-05-04) Erra (EP)
  • (2010-12-21) Andromeda (EP)
  • (2011-11-29) Impulse (Tragic Hero Records)
  • (2013-10-29) Augment (Tragic Hero Records)

    Erra - Augment (2013)

    01. Alpha Seed
    02. Pulse
    03. Dreamwalkers
    04. Frostbite
    05. Hybrid Earth
    06. Rebirth
    07. Ultraviolet
    08. Spirits Away
    09. Prometheus
    10. Crimson
    11. Augment
    12. Dementia

    Album Teaser:

    Steven Pongrac @ Me Gusta Reviews

    It has been nearly two years since Alabama's Erra released its debut full length, Impulse. That's two years too long. With that being said, the five-piece progressive metalcore act headed by Garrison Lee on vocals is finally set to release another album – titled Augment – on October 29 through Tragic Hero Records. The guitarists, Jesse Cash (who also supplies the clean vocals) and Alan Rigdon, have always intrigued me with their ability to create some crushing, groovy riffs and technical – yet still very melodic – leads and piece them together perfectly. Erra is rounded out by Alex Ballew on drums and Sean Price on bass. Price is a new addition to the band and joined after the recording of Augment, but Ballew has been around since the band formed in 2009.

    The album opens with "Alpha Seed," a track that would make any fan of metalcore instantly know that they're listening to Erra without even having to confirm with iTunes or check what CD is currently spinning. The rhythm guitar maintains a groovy chugging pattern for the majority of the song, while the lead guitar parts are a conglomeration of beautiful and technical melodies – which is exactly what one has come to expect from this band. At times, "Alpha Seed" also displays the really old style that Erra showed on their self-titled EP with a few fast-paced verses that immediately reminded me of "Towers."

    Up next is the previously released "Pulse" then followed by "Dreamwalkers," "Frostbite," "Hybrid Earth" and "Rebirth." I could talk about each of these songs in depth; however, the second half of the album is when things start to get really interesting, so I'll just leave you with these quick thoughts on the aforementioned tracks: Lee's monstrous vocals and the sparsely used backing screams pack a serious punch on "Pulse" and "Hybrid Earth," the clean vocals on the aforementioned tracks (yes, all five) are an excellent contrast to the harsh vocals, and the solos and riffs on "Dreamwalkers" and "Frostbite" are sure to make your brain explode.

    Tracks seven to nine – respectively titled "Ultraviolet," "Spirits Away" and "Prometheus" – are a few of my personal favourites on Augment. "Ultraviolet" is a chug-happy tune that mixes in a lot of melody and ambience as well as an excellent solo. Additionally, it showcases the vocal (and lyrical) abilities of Lee and Cash. Similar to "Ultraviolet," "Spirits Away" contains a lot of chugging, but there's even more melody and ambience in this track and the clean vocals are particularly impressive. The song comes to a close with a groovy and ambient finish, flowing into "Prometheus" – a track that really reminded me of the material heard on Impulse, but better.

    Track ten, "Crimson," contains some of the most innovative guitar parts that Erra has ever written, and it also features an incredibly catchy clean-vocal chorus and outro. The next track is the title track in the form of an instrumental interlude. It may seem odd that the second last track is an interlude, but it works perfectly and sets the tone for the nearly eight-minute-long "Dementia." The first noteworthy thing about the album closer is the clean vocals; they sound different than the majority of the album because Cash almost speaks some of his parts. Another key aspect of "Dementia" – as well as a large portion of Augment – is the admirable guitar work (solos galore on this track) and the frequent use of synth. Simply put, I love everything about how "Dementia" sounds and how it closes out the album, and I think it has overtook "Seven" as my favourite song by Erra.

    I thought Erra had reached its peak with Impulse (like it seems Born of Osiris has done with The Discovery), but I was clearly proved wrong. Augment is just over 52 minutes long, yet there is never a dull moment. The members of Erra have somehow managed to create an album that displays tremendous musical progression – all the while sticking to their roots and sounding like the same band that released Andromeda in 2010 then Impulse a year later. Erra has been gaining fans at a rapid pace as of late and Augment is just further proof of the validity behind the band's recent success.

                                                                 This is the metalcore album of 2013.

    Enjoy and Support the Band !Cheers!
  • Genre:Core
    Subgenre:Progressive Metalcore
    Bitrate:320 k
    Size:121.56 MB
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