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File Name:[Req] Gösta Berlings Saga 2011 - Glue Works
Download Torrent:[Req] Gösta Berlings Saga 2011 - Glue Works
Info Hash:45a99b61389e4fba990f4685e8546efd22cad565
Description:Requested by: gnull

The first chapter of the progressive rock band GÖSTA BERLINGS SAGA starts in the Stockholm suburb Vällingby, in the year 2000. Musicians and friends David Lundberg and Alexander Skepp, heavily captivated by the sounds of Hansson & Karlsson, started making instrumental songs, based on drums and organs, sketching playful and melodic sounds. A three songs demo was recorded and released, without being, however, a hit. To add, the early rehearsals led to little live gigs.

In 2004 the duo decided to add the lineup, out of feeling a more and more obvious limitation in music. Thinks started to change musically, when Gabriel Hermansson joined as bassist and added volume and distortion to the sound and the suspense. Matthias Danielsson also joined as guitarist, so that GÖSTA BERLINGS SAGA entering their best shape and starting to gig. Their first big concert (held, curiosly, in an illegal Stockholm suburb club) spread the news around the town, and more gigs followed.

Another demo, made of 7 pieces, was sent to festivals and records labels, up in the last months of 2005. After a gig at the Emmaboda Festival in Småland, a record contract finally followed, with Transubstans/Record Heaven. The demo became the debut album, "Tid är Ljud", after being improved and recorded till the spring of 2006. Mathias worked for this album, and finalized it togheter with his colleagues, but left the band right after the release.The record summarizes the sound of Gösta Berlings Saga and has received very good press from all over the world, which states the band among the more impressive and addictive Swedish prog bands in a long modern time.

The new guitarist, after Mathias, is Einar Baldursson, with the talent and influence of whom GÖSTA BERLINGS SAGA enter a new path, into darker and more dissonant places.

By the debut album, "Tid är Ljud", GÖSTA BERLINGS SAGA embrace a rapid movement of modern delightful progressive rock and quicksteps, eclectically, through major prime prog styles: from dark symphonic to jazz jam, from RIO fragments to space rock harmonies. Tasteful, genuine, exciting and essential-driving, the feeling doesn't stop just at influences or modern feelings, but includes a wide quality of electric, acoustic or grave sounds, with instruments of the various use and satisfaction. The band is credited for a strong debut, an highly passionate play and a full variety expression.

Glue Works

3rd full-lenght released in 2011.


1. 354 (5:54)
2. Icosahedron (3:12)
3. Island (12:58)
4. Gliese 581g (5:53)
5. Waves (2:55)
6. Geosignal (2:22)
7. Soterargartan 1 (12:51)


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Subgenre:Eclectic Prog Rock
Bitrate:320 k
Size:105.31 MB
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7 files
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Last Seed Update06/09/2013 15:20:19


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