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File Name:Uncurbed-Back from the ditch
Download Torrent:Uncurbed-Back from the ditch
Info Hash:60cccdd0aff551e8dd97bc71c3c007c509224c3b

» Befa - Vocals
» Kenneth - Leadguitar
» Gunnarsson - Guitar
» Tompa - Bass
» Jonken - Drums

01. Intro/The wave of fear
02. Destructive hours
03. Back from the ditch
04. Love is war
05. Septic hell
06. A rainy day
07. Still riding
08. Tragic view of future
09. Blackout in ruins
10. Deliver you pain
11. Broken dreams
12. Poetry of depression
13. Curse of life
14. Before the end
15. Hollow ground

Album number 10 for these Swedish veterans, the d-beat band with the biggest death metal background around. This one is pretty different from the previous "Welcome to the anarcho city", Uncurbed downtuned their guitars and got heavy and loud as hell. Call it d-beat but it's more close to an earthquake! Recorded by Peter Bjärgö (Meanwhile, Tyrant, Arcana etc...).

- Uncurbed was formed, and then with only 3 members: Conny Enström, Micke Gunnarsson and Johan Jansson. The influences was bands like NAPALM DEATH and other grind/hc bands. Some gigs were made in the neighbourhood with various singers. After a while the style changed more and more into bands like E.N.T, DOOM, RAW NOISE & DISCHARGE.
- This year we picked up Henrik Lindberg and Jens Törnroos on vocals. Also a second guitarist, Nico Knudsen, was found. A 11 song demo was recorded in UNISOUND by Dan Swanö some days in November. We send it to some record labels with hopes to get a deal...
- After some detours the demo landed on the LOST & FOUND in Germany and they were interested in a cd release. Five new songs was recorded to fill upp the cd. The title was "The Strike Of Mankind".
- L&F released our second CD "Mental Disorder" and it was also recorded in UNISOUND with Dan Swanö. The MCD included 9 songs with our first 4-beat song, "No more to say".
- In October, Henrik leaves the band after the gig with Varukers and the punkrebel TB from ASOCIAL joined The Uncurbed instead.
- After some shit talk with the L&F, we left them for FINN-Records. On FINN-Records we released our third cd with 14 brutal songs under the name, "A Nightmare In Daylight" recorded again in UNISOUND.
- In January we decided to change studio. From UNISOUND into the ABYSS with Peter Tägtgren behind the gears. The "Punk & Anger" was then recorded with 16 songs and included one cover with ASOCIAL's "Frige alla fångar".
- A split-ep with S.G.R. was recorded in Q-LTURHUSET in August. 4 songs each, and it was released by our friend Sven Godhes at YELLOW DOG Records in Germany. 1000 copies was made and was sold out after a couple of months...
- In April we entered the ABYSS studio again and did the greatest and the best punkrecord we ever have made. The title was "Peace.Love.Punk.Life...And Other Stories" and in the same time FINN-Records got some moneyproblems.
- Sadly for us and them, but our saviour, Ken at SOUND POLLUTION (USA), bought the recording from the finnish guys in the end of the year.
- In January, the 5th fullength cd/lp "Keeps The Banner High" was recorded in SOUNDLAB STUDIO. After that, Micke who have been with us from the beginning, sadly leaved the band. So we found a new bassplayer, Kenneth Wiklund, who joined us in March.
- Then we recorded 8 songs for a 10"inch that Pete Giles at RETRIBUTION REC (UK) was supposed to release in the autumn same year. The title was "Ackord För Frihet" and means "Chords for freedom". All the lyrics are on Swedish.
- Our new cd/lp "Keeps The Banner High" was released in March. The 10"inch "Ackord För Frihet" wasn't released this year either...
- Sadly after the "Punks On Parole 2000 tour", Kenneth decided to leave the family. So Jimmy Lind from CROSSING CHAOS started to crushing the bass.
- We entered the ABYSS studio again 4 days in February, to record our 6th masterpiece "Punks On Parole" with Peter's brother Tommy Tägtgren. 16 anarcho/peace/freedom songs was recorded with lots of help of hard liquer and beer.
- Our masterpiece "Punks On Parole" was released by SOUND POLLUTION on the 11th January, great reviews from everywhere. Uncurbed did a great show at UFFA in Trondheim, Norway. Jelle did his last show on our release-party together with CENTINEX on the 13th April.
- We found a replacement for Jens, Steffe from the other Swedish punkelites DISKONTO joined the family.
- Uncurbed recorded 8 songs in BLACK LOUNGE studio for two Ep's in October. Six songs will be released on a own 7" called "Rise And Shine" by DEVILS SHITBURNER (Ger), the two others on a split-ep with AUTORITÄR released by RESCUED FROM LIFE (US).
- Once again we lost a great familymember, Nico, who have been with us since almost the beginning. He decided to leave the family in December after 10 years of servant. We quickly found an replacement, Kenneth Wiklund (Centinex, Asocial etc) who played bass with us between 1999-2000. He appears on the "Ackord För Frihet" Ep. We'll never give up...
- The long awaited 8 track Ep "Ackord För Frihet/Chords for freedom", recorded in May '99, was finally revealed!! Digipack Mcd by SOUND POLLUTION and 10" inch by YELLOW DOG.
- In September we parted ways with our longtime guitarist Conny.
The reason of the break up with Conny is mainly due to musical reasons, he is really a great guy and we wish him the best of luck in his further musical & non musical career. Replacing Conny on guitar are Micke Gunnarsson who played bass from the beginning until 1999.
- A new album was recorded in ABYSS with Tommy Tägtgren in May. 21 songs was recorded, 18 for the fullength album "Welcome To Anarcho City", and 3 for a split 7" with Rajoitus.
- The split 7" with My Cold Embrace was out in March by Power It Up Records.
- Once again we have lost a great friend and a family member. Steffe did his last gig at Daldansen in the end of July. It was his own decision due to personal reasons. He will continue with his mainband Diskonto anyway. It's really sad but we really wish him good luck in the future!! You always know were we are dude!! We will now continue as a quintet with only TB on vocals...
Welcome To Anarcho City was out and here we are right now.....
- Again we have lost a great familymember. Jimmy decided to quit the band after the recording of "Back From The Ditch" because of lack of time. He will now concentrate on his other bands Crossing Chaos & Deathrace etc. We really wish him good luck and thanks for his time in Uncurbed! Cheers brother!!
- The good news is that we have found a new excellent bassplayer who had already replaced Jimmy on bass! It's Andreas "Andy" Eriksson who also plays with General Surgery and Sayyadina(ex Sunday Morning Einsteins etc.). Welcome to the family brother!! We really looking forward to hit the roads with this new line-up!!

Subgenre:Crust / D-Beat / Grind
Bitrate:320 k
Size:45.29 MB
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