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File Name:[Request] Stereomud Full-Length Discography (2001-2003)
Download Torrent:[Request] Stereomud Full-Length Discography (2001-2003)
Info Hash:72d61c123feb60422238cde7e2fac59687839c86
Description:Alternative metal/rock from USA, full-length discography released in 2001-2003.

Stereomud was a rock band from New York/Georgia. They were active from years 2001 to 2003 before breaking up, releasing two albums - Perfect Self and Every Given Moment.

Stereomud released their first album, Perfect Self, on Columbia Records in 2001 and a video for the song "Pain" received airplay on MTV2. After extensive touring in support of that album, they went back into the studio, releasing Every Given Moment in April 2003. After participating in the Jagermeister Music Tour with Hed PE, Breaking Benjamin, Systematic, and Saliva, Columbia Records cut their touring support, and dropped the band. Due to this, and an impending Life of Agony reunion, Stereomud went their separate ways in July 2003, a mere 3 months after the release of Every Given Moment. They have performed a few select reunion shows since this, but for the most part, the band remains dormant to this day. Recently, it was rumored that Erik Rogers and Corey Lowery would reunite to reform the band, but the possibilities may not be true as they are focusing on their own bands. It is planned that a Stereomud DVD will be released at some point in the future. Erik Rogers formed a new version of Stereomud as the only original member in February 2009, but then changed band name to 'Dangerous New Machine', after the other former members expressed an objection to him using the name without their involvement.

Stereomud At MySpace

2001 Perfect Self At Vbr

Perfect Self is the debut album by hard rock band Stereomud. It was released on May 22, 2001 through Loud Records and was manufactured via Columbia Records. The album met with moderate commercial success, with its two singles "Pain", and "Steppin Away", both of which featured their own music videos.

Musically, the album can be described as a hard rock with metal influences, similar in style to that of Sevendust (bassist Corey Lowery is younger brother to Clint Lowery of Sevendust, and Dark New Day). The albums sound varies from rock, and metal based songs, as vocalist Erik Rogers also varies between clean tone singing and the traditional screaming found in metal music. The album is listed as having a total of twenty-three tracks on it (which was a "lucky" number for Lowery) however, ten of these tracks are listed as "[untitled track]". These tracks are small electronica based interludes that are variations of the final track "Perfect Self", which is a blend of acoustic and electronica.

2003 Every Given Moment At 256k

Every Given Moment is the second album by hard rock band Stereomud. It was released on March 4, 2003 through Loud Records and was manufactured via Columbia Records. The album was the follow up to their 2001 debut album, Perfect Self, but this album did not impress critics and the band broke up soon after.

As requested by a fellow member from USA!
Subgenre:Alternative Metal / Rock
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