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File Name:Razorback Records (32 Releases)
Download Torrent:Razorback Records (32 Releases)
Info Hash:863a4a55661e649dc5e9734b607b6d60e6201327

Razorback Records was formed in 1999 and stem from Farmingville, NY, USA. It is a highly influential recordlabel within the grind scene, maybe especially goregrind and the likes. Perhaps along with No escape Records (Australia) and Bizarre Leprous Czech Republic). Run by only two individuals ever since the beginning in 1999: Bill & Jill, they have released several albums, some to great controversy (Intense hammer rage - Avagoymugs springs to mind) and some that have gone on to become modern goregrind classics. Amongst the gore, you'll also find slow crushing doom and violent thrash and death metal. And also the odd Cybergrind album. Early releases can be quite hard to come by, as they tend to be sold out and not reprinted for various reasons. New stuff are usually readily available through the bands website. Recently the label has been involved in rereleasing the first classic albums by Impetigo as well as brand spanking new bands.

What is Goregrind? Well let's see what wikipedia says:

Goregrind bands commonly use extremely low or pitch-shifted vocals, creating a unique low-pitched gurgling timbre, similar to the effects used in horror movies for a demonic character. The lyrics' subject matter often features violent themes including gore, forensic pathology, death, and rape. Some bands, such as Gut, focus on lyrics depicting pornographic imagery and are sometimes referred to as pornogrind or porngrind. Lyrics sometimes have a clear tongue-in-cheek Z-grade horror-movie feel and are not expected to be taken seriously. The guitars and drums are played in a range between high speed to mid-tempo.

Examples of goregrind bands include Dead Infection, Haemorrhage, Inhume, and Regurgitate.


Matthew Harvey wrote:
Gore-Grind music is characterized by its preoccupation with pitch-shifted or extremely low vocals, use of gore and forensic pathology as its exclusive subject matter, and often very fast tempos. Grind-Gore bands also have the refreshing tendency not to take themselves or their lyrics too seriously. This is evidenced by ... the often intricate and disgusting yet undeniably cartoonish splatter drawings that adorn many Gore-Grind album sleeves.

As well as teh above mentioned characteristics, there is also noteably a lot of use of, often, underground horror/gore movies as well as exploitation movies such as the infamous Ilsa series. Bands that fall into the pornogrind segment often use porno samples.

For a complete listing over RR releases please consult this link:

In this release you'll find the following (Alphabetically, not chronologically):
  • Birdflesh - Alive Autopsy - Trip to the Grave [VBR V2]
  • Birdflesh - Night of the Ultimate Mosh [VBR V2]
  • Blood Freak - Sleaze Merchants [192k]
  • Blood Freak - Live Fast, Die Young And Leave A Flesh Eating Corpse [VBR V2]
  • Catasexual Urge Motivation - Nekronicle [192k]
  • Catasexual Urge Motivation - The Encyclopedia Of Serial Murders [192k]
  • Embalming Theatre - Sweet Chainsaw Melodies [192k]
  • Engorged - Death Metal Attack II [128k]
  • Engorged - Where The Monsters Dwell [VBR V0]
  • Frightmare - Midnight Murder Mania [VBR V2]
  • Fuck... I'm Dead - Bring On The Dead [VBR V6]
  • Funerot - Invasion From The Death Dimension [320k]
  • General Surgery and the $County Medical Examiners - Split CD [VBR V2]
  • Ghoul - Maniaxe [VBR V2]
  • Ghoul - We Came For The Dead [192k]
  • Gigantic brain - The invasion discography [320k]
  • Gruesome Stuff Relish - Teenage Giallo Grind [VBR V2]
  • Gruesome Suff Relish - Horror Rises From The Tomb [320k]
  • Impetigo - Ultimo Mondo Cannibale(Remastered) [VBR V2]
  • Intense Hammer Rage - Avagoyamugs[VBR V0]
  • Kutabare - Finger Food Fetish For The Morbidly Abnormal [128k]
  • Lord Gore - The Autophagus Orgy [320k]
  • Lord Gore - Resickened [192k]
  • Machetazo - Carne De Cementerio [128k]
  • Machetazo - Trono De Huesos [MP3 ABR ~200k]
  • Mausoleum - Cadaveric Displays of Ghoulish Ghastliness [192k]
  • Splatterhouse - The House that Dead Built [VBR V2]
  • VA - Haemorrhage + Impaled -- Dementia Rex (Split CD) [VBR V4]
  • VA - The Horror Hive - Razorback Records Compilation [VBR V2]
  • Vacant Coffin - Sewer Skullpture [VBR V2]
  • WTN - Rotting In Pestilence [160k]
  • Zombie Ritual - Night of the Zombie Party [VBR V2]

    It's not a complete Labelography, but quite a decent pack nonetheless.

    HUGE thanks to m00c0w from KT for a lot of this originally
  • Genre:Goregrind
    Size:2.03 GB
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    657 files
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