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File Name:Corpsefucking Art - 2008 - ZombieFuck
Download Torrent:Corpsefucking Art - 2008 - ZombieFuck
Info Hash:9f3cbaf298fcb0506d94e05cb23d0c2f92fcbe66
Description:Brutal death metal from Italy, latest full-length album released in 2008.

The band was formed in Rome in 1994. With the first line-up (Max - gurgling, Andrea - guitars, Fabio - bass, Marco - drums) and a different name during that wintertime, Enthralment (this was the name of the band) recorded their first demo called "Eulogy Of Burning Christ". The official sound was a slow and brutal death-metal influenced by Immolation and Incantation. This demo is actually sold-out.

Thanks to the Cryptic Soul Productions, Enthralment realised the 7" "Accursed In Divinity". This contained 2 trx. A true masterpiece of brutality. But the sound contained in the new trx were defenitely more brutal oriented and strange. As the musical direction was no longer the same as the beginning, it was useless to keep the old name. The one choosen for this new form of madness was "Corpsegod". With a different name but same line-up, they recorded in '95 the mini cd "Opinion About Sorrow" for Torture Records. The mini cd contained 5 trx of original and strange brutal death-metal. Ultrabrutal riffing with techno and industrial parts, splatter movies and a sound to the limit of human endurance make "Opinion About Sorrow" a really vanguard record compared to the others on the death-metal scene.

In the meantime the passion for the ultrabrutal death-metal in the band is getting' higer and higer. The old line-up dies to create a new band totally devoted to the brutal death-metal without compromises. A new band was born then, Corpsefucking Art. From the old line-up Andrea and Max are still in. After recording a 2 trx promo with the new guys (Massimo - guitar, Marcello - drums, Edo - bass) and the trx "Molesting The Corpse" for the underground splatter movie "Sick-o-pathic" soundtrack, and have played as support for Cannibal Corpse and Immolation for a show in Rome, Corpsefucking Art (aka C.F.A.) record their debut cd named "A Puzzle Of Flesh " for the italian label Sterminio Productions. Nine trx of blasting ultrabrutal death-metal without mercy. An inhuman voice and a blasting riffing make "A Puzzle Of Flesh" a cd that every U.S. brutal death-metal maniac must get.

In 2001 the line-up changes again. Andrea stills in and works with Marco - bass, Stuart - drums. They recorded a new split CD with Goretrade: Zombiecronomicon for the Coagulated Records. In april 2002 United Guttural Records took the license by Coagulated records and restamped the split cd with Goretrade, released with a completely new artwork. It was also released a tape version of the split by the Dark Angel Records from Thailandia.

After being offered a contract by Forever Underground Corpsefucking Art entered the studio to record their new full length "Splatter Deluxe". The CD is now complete and will be released in October 2002. Corpsefucking Art have really come into their own and have a distinct style that is all their own. This will be their best and most brutal release to date. Corpsefucking need to say more!

Corpsefucking Art At MySpace

This kind of brutal technical grind/death metal is difficult to appreciate. The only album of this style I liked a lot is the one made by the old Suffocation, but here that lesson in violence has been brought to another level, a higher one. This band is truly technical with a bunch of intricate riffs with the pure brutal death metal impact, and they create a monolithic album.

Another thing I appreciated a lot is the length: the songs are never too long and so you can taste in a perfect way the brutality mixed with lots of technical parts, especially in the rhythmic riffs. The vocals are maybe the hardest thing to appreciate because they are very guttural and low tuned. They are more like in Disgorge direction but the music is far better in my opinion.

On this CD we can find always songs that feature a perfect songwriting with lots of tempos changes with sudden speed starts. The blast beats parts are not chaotic at all and the group is really violent it's like a panzer at full speed. Mid paced, groovy and rotten tempos during all the length without being boring but absolutely devastating and morbid. The bass player is a really good musician with the technical, pounding bass lines always in the first place.

Furthermore the guitars are restless in destroying and deforming each single note. Sometimes, they remind me very early Dying Fetus too, before they had the clearer production. Well, at the end this is a very good piece of technical brutal death metal and it's recommended to anyone who search fore gore, violence and excellent songs.

Another brutal stuff here!
Subgenre:Brutal Death Metal
Size:43.11 MB
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