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File Name:Impiety Studio Full-Length Discography (1996-2009)
Download Torrent:Impiety Studio Full-Length Discography (1996-2009)
Info Hash:d80e1451cd96722ae33fdafb738e2b6f2a505e65
Description:Death/black/thrash metal from Singapore, all 6 studio full-length albums released in 1996-2009.

IMPIETY's diabolical birth began in Jan 1990 a formation of 2 namely Shyaithan (guitar/bass/vocals) and Necro-Angelfornicator (drums) under the heavy influence of HELLHAMMER, SARCOFAGO, BATHORY, POSSESSED, DESTRUCTION, old MORBID ANGEL.  A rehearsal demo/promo tape was recorded in early ‘91 with this line-up but never officially released. The band underwent a few line-up changes finding the right maniacs and thus recorded their first demo entitled ‘Ceremonial Necrochrist Redesecration’, formation with: Shyaithan (bass/vocals), Xxxul (guitars) and Iblyss (battery). Despite its low sound production, the metal underground worldwide positively received this demo tape. In 1993, Xxxul left and in replace came Leprophiliac Rex, the brother of Iblyss, to take over the guitars. IMPIETY signed to Shivardashana Records, and it’s first diabolical release with this label was the Salve the Goat ... Iblis Excelsi 2 song 7 single in 94'. IMPIETY had improved technically in achieving a better production sound and also their own sadistic hell art of barbaric Black Death!

After the 7 inch EP release, Abyydos was added taking control of all lead/rhythm guitars, Leprophiliac Rex (bass), Iblyss (battery) and Shyaithan (vocals). And with this line-up, ‘Asateerul Awaleen’, the quartet's debut CD album of 8 fucking Black witching Metal tracks, was recorded & released in mid 96’. The response (reviews) from independent/major magazines was more than satisfying despite the horrendous production.

IMPIETY also recorded a 5-song MCD entitled ‘Funeralight…’ due for release early 1997, once again by Shivardarshana. But Shivadarshana shut down, and so the MCD was never pressed. Instead, a Limited Cassette-EP was pressed by an independent label Ultra~Hingax Productions from Malaysia. Only recently in 2007 did Agonia Records officially release 'Funeralight…' as limited Digi MCD.

Just shortly after the 'Funeralight...' recording, Iblyss & Abyydos left.  Shyaithan appointed new, demonlords to the line-up and started delivering live shows beginning of 1997.

Armageddon 1999

IMPIETY recorded  'Skullfucking Armageddon'. 8 songs of uncompromising apocalyptic speed, bestial metal brutality and savagery. The line-up was Shyaithan (bass/vocals), Fyraun (guitars), Dajjal (drums). Both Dies Irae Productions and Drakkar Productions released this album. Just after the recording Dajjal left and Dagoth (ex-ABHORER) was recruited. IRON PEGASUS RECORDS (Germany) exclusively licensed ‘Skullfucking Armageddon’ on limited LP and PICDISC.
Also Samhain Recs. (USA) released a cult IMPIETY/PROFANATICA split 7
EP the same year.

Anno 2000

A line-up change took place again and addition of 2 new wardemons: Xxxul (guitars) and Demonomancer (bass). Xxxul was the same terrorist who played guitars on IMPIETY's '92 demo C.N.R. Besides touring Asian Hell, the band delivered their debut 'Skullfucking Euro Armageddon 2000' in Europe, a 4 date mini tour summer of 2000. 2 months after the band returned from their first successful tour, Dagoth had to leave and Fauzzt was recruited shortly. IMPIETY delivered their 2nd European conquering 'Skullfucking Euro Battlestorms Tour 2000' in October courtesy of DRAKKAR PRODUCTIONS (France). An extensive 15dates in all, destroying stages in 6 countries! The tour went successfully well. Xxxul and Demonomancer left after the tours. IMPIETY signs to OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS for a 3 album deal late 2001.

Impiety At MySpace

1996 Asateerul Awaleen At 192k

Impiety’s debut album is an interesting mixture of old school black/death metal and Nordic black metal. The Nordic black metal influence can be heard in the high’n’shrieky vocals and the production, which is raw in the vein of early 90s Nordic black metal releases, while the music itself is still in the old school black/death metal vein, just like on the band’s previous releases. As I already said, the vocals on this album are done in a black metal style. This is a change from the demo and the EP, on which the vocals were done in a growly style. According to the band themselves, they perform neo-barbaric black magick ritual forni-desecration musick on “Asateerul Awaleen” and looking at the song titles, I can only agree. Too bad the lyrics aren’t included (at least not on the Agonia version of the CD), I’d have loved to read the lyrics to a song called “Anal Madonna”!

The main reason for the raw feel of the music on this album is the guitar sound. However, the guitar sound is pretty thin but thankfully the Gehennic bassbaptisms courtesy of Leprophiliac Rex are loud in the mix, so the music has bottom end to it. I still would’ve preferred the guitars a bit louder in the mix though. I’ve read in an interview that the band weren’t satisfied with the production on this album, as they were trying to get a sound that would have been more like the one on “Salve The Goat: Iblis Exelsi”. I myself am quite fine with the production here though.

1999 Skullfucking Armageddon At 192k

This is, in my opinion at least, one of the best black/death releases I've listened to. The sound here is pretty unique in is own right, but I hear a lot of ANGEL CORPSE influences there. Some touches of BATHORY, SODOM, SARCOFAGO are pretty easy to hear too.

Oh my god, this is brutal. Not like all those gothenburgers death metal bands or overfast grindgay noise, more like SARCOFAGO's I.N.R.I. or SEPULTURA's Morbid Visions. The album moves at high speed most of the time and leaves you no time to breath, with headbanging riffs!! Yeah, there are some catchy shit here, especially in Torment In Fire who is surprisingly a very good thrasher.

The production though isn't that good. The drums are okay, nothing to make me crazy or something, the bass is kinda inexistant (kinda normal for this kind of music...) but the guitars have a straightforward and really sharp sound. The riffs roar like buzzsaw, while the black/thrash vocals smash your head. As aforementionned, the production isn't at its best. In the track Nocturnized there are some phaser-feedback in the verse that sound very bad if you ask me. Except that, the rest is merely okay.

Overrall, it's a pretty damn good album. Any black/thrash fan would like it, though it's pretty hard to get in. The songs aren't easy to differ that much and the drums are sometimes silly (not like on Kaos Kommand 696 though) and become uninspired. But where the album take its forces it's with its breakdown and thrashy riffs, damn they're AWESOME!! The chorus in Sodomythical Frostgoats is catchy as FUCK. I cannot help but headbang during this track... also there's a really nice in the ending of Ironflames Of Hate that kills a lot too. The aforementionned Torment In Fire is propably the highlight here, fucking slays. Sounds like SACRIFICE/DARK ANGEL with some touches of SARCOFAGO/SEXTRASH.

The vocals are pretty the another higher point here. There aren't like other death/black metal band. No stupid low-growls or indicepherable black/war metal screams, they sound more like blackened thrash shrieks, which is something very original and cool.

Now, the highlights... like I said, Torment In Fire is pretty the best song here, no doubt. It doesn't sound the other songs, it's more controlled. Also, the opening track, Lords Of Apokalypse shred the fuck out of me. Another great stuff could be Sodomythical Frostgoats. The other songs are also good, but those stick up more.

If you like your black metal to be deathrashy, this is for you. Not for the weaks of heart or something, this is pure retentless savage assault of extreme metal.

2002 Kaos Kommand 696 At 192k

Thrashing black/death in the name of War!!! The three beasts of Impiety brings kaos all the way from the Republic of Singapore – who would have guessed that? This band has been around since the beginning of the 90’s and this record is their third to date. Every song delivers real intense, chaotic extreme metal that just fucking kills! Really fast drums (could be compared to Morbid Angel), great guitar-riffs and solos together with furious screams. Battlesongs like for example “Christfuckingchrist”, “Apokalyptik Nuklear Battlebeasts”, “Bestial Genocidal Goatvomit” (this track has additional vocals by Ustumallagam from Denial of God) and “Abominate, Fornicate, Desecrate!” totally brings destruction! These maniacs really shows quality and speed in their dark work. Great production and for some reason recorded in Malmö, Sweden… Limited edition digipack and vinyl version has two bonustracks, covers on Sexthrash’s “Black Church” and Blasphemy’s “Goddes of Perversity”.

2004 Paramount Evil At Vbr

WOAH! This album launched itself right out of the speakers and ripped my damn head off. Actually, it does that every time I listen to it. Impiety’s evolution from a raw black metal buzz into a death metal powerhouse has been somewhat quicker than some bands who’ve taken the same path – in fact, they made the jump with both feet on the previous album, Kaos Kommand 696. However, that album was plagued by an overly chaotic, thick sound which made a lot of the riffing difficult to distinguish. Paramount Evil, on the other hand, has the perfect production for this style: dry, well-separated sheets of guitar and bass overlaying snappy, punchy drums, with no one instrument dominating the mix. Add to this a massive increase in technical proficiency courtesy of the entire old lineup being replaced by the entire Hacavitz crew, and you have an album which simply decimates all in its path.

The first two songs – Sunrise Defloration and Carbonized – both blast along like nuclear warfare, shitloads of tempo changes, lightning-fast blasting and bestial multilayered vocal vomits – while the album’s lyrical content substitutes the usual “rargh warfukkinggoatsodomy” invective with a sick fixation on human cruelty. This is a major improvement, since instead of fantasy visions of right-hand-path devil worship, we get studies of such lovely events and personas as the Nanjing Massacre, World War II, Vlad Tepes and Caligula. There’s also plenty of anti-judaic sentiments to befuddle the politically correct types, particularly in Carbonized – really, no one’s going to mistake lines like “we hail the wanton brutality – anti-jewish supremacy!” as belonging in a sympathetic account of the Holocaust – and Adonai Made Excrement. Add to this the artwork – mostly consisting of ovens, mass graves and the gates of Auschwitz proudly displayed under the CD tray, not to mention a blueprint map of the camp on the back cover – and it becomes fairly obvious Impiety are making no plans to tour Israel any time soon.

Overall, this album is far more likely to appeal to fans of death metal than the black metal that Impiety are known for. Aside from a few high-end tremolo riffs and Shyaithan’s usual midrange rasp – punctuated by occasional deep growls - this is pure precise brutality, a razor-sharp assault on the senses permeated with a nearly epic feel on some songs. Anyone who appreciates their death metal extreme yet melodic and skillfully delivered will have absolutely no trouble trashing their room to the sound of Paramount Evil.

2007 Formidonis Nex Cultus At Vbr

Fans of Sarcofago and similar bands should check out Impiety, an excellent black/thrash band hailing from Singapore. Though this album is not as good as Skullfucking Armaggedon, it is still an excellent release and worthy of whatever price the local tape-trading dude slaps on it.

Album begins with a quiet, rumbling sound that slowly increases in volume, then you hear the vocals. It's odd, they sound shouted but are mixed kinda soft, it goes " FORMIDONIS, NEX, CULTUS!" and then they unload a huge wall of sound. Thrashing riff, with some minor soloing underneath it, with some pretty intense blasts throughout. This is typical Impiety, a huge amount of intense music that manages not to get boring at all.

Production-wise, it's like Death Magnetic, only done right. All the instruments, except maybe the bass, are given space to breathe, but blend pretty seamlessly to give that wall-of-sound thing. The drums are notably fast and the beats are reasonably creative, not just snare+crash style blasting. Tremor is an amazing drummer, and he shows it pretty well. Guitar tone is raw and crunchy, though lower in the mix than I would like, sometimes you have to listen quite carefully to pick out the riff that's being played.

Best thing about the performance is the vocals. They are clear at times, so you can hear whatever constitues blasphemy for these guys(album art features a church, a mosque and a Hindu temple in flames, a mockery of Singapore's acclaimed multi-culturalism).They are just the right volume and are like a mix of typical black metal vocals and Dave Mustaine at his fiery best. At the end of "Vomit, Jehovah. Vomit!" there is a cool part where everyone hurls and it ends with a spit.

Problem with this album is that unless you get really into the music, it sort of becomes background music. This is to say, not listening closely will leave one wondering when which track has ended and which has started. Minor flaw, if you're driving or on the bus, this is entertaining enough and if you're with friends, brutal headbanging madness.

Not their best release, but by itself a solid album indeed.

Misses last song - Ready to Explode (Vulcano Cover)!

2009 Terroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command) At Vbr

Impiety have long been one of the greatest underdogs of the international black/death metal scene. Never compromising, never settling, never caring. Their non-partisan approach to searing black/death hybrid metal with an edge of brutal old school thrash provides them with an endless hellish spring of inspiration, so I will be blunt:

This album wants to kill you.

'Terroreign' is the sixth full-length in the band's nearly 20-year career, and it opens with an ungodly, brief diatribe before the grinding blast and scathing lead of "Vientos de Holocaust". Two minutes of playtime is all this track needs to eviscerate you, your neighbors, and all living things within a 12-block radius. "Atomic Angel Assault" sets up a nice blockade of rolling double bass and chord assault, to trap any souls who thought they could flee the opening volley. The title track follows with a venomous thrashing cut to the throat. Love the leads here! "As Judea Burns" features some blasting over thunderous distorted bass, truly hyper death metal which recalls Angelcorpse (or is it the other way around...). Though the songs grow a little longer, they maintain their infernal consistency throughout. "Bestial to the Bone" and "The Black Fuck" are veritable onslaughts of violent intensity.

There is just no weakness to what this band sets out to achieve. Surely they are not writing the most memorable riffs or 'Album of the Year' material, but they are yet again battering you in the face with a vicious bludgeon of evil. 'Terroreign' is one of their most polished efforts to date, but even despite the better production the riffs sound chunky, sick and raw. The band knows to thrash out at precisely the right time, and never bores you to tears with endless blasting. Yet they're still one of the fastest and most punishing acts you'll hear. I'd hate to be the hands of these guys...ouch.

Impiety have never put out a bad album, but this one ranks pretty highly among their wretched works, somewhere around 'Formidonis Nex Cultus' and 'Kaos Kommand 696' in quality. It's well worth checking out if you favor unrelenting assaults of godhating darkness. Burn your bible, your koran or your torah and dance in the ashes! The gates of hell have opened, Impiety has spewn forth, and WAR IS HERE.

As requested via PM by a fellow member from the Philippines!
Subgenre:Death / Black / Thrash Metal
Size:385.41 MB
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