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File Name:[Request] Von Hertzen Brothers - Nine Lives (2013)
Download Torrent:[Request] Von Hertzen Brothers - Nine Lives (2013)
Info Hash:e5e7838b2cd6fc520d094eb82080195b8ba6fd31
Description:Progressive rock from Finland, latest full-length album released in 2013.

The Von Hertzen Brothers are a Finnish prog-rock band made up of the three Von Hertzen brothers, Kie von Hertzen , Mikko von Hertzen and Jonne von Hertzen. Mikko Kaakkuriniemi and Juha Kuoppala complete the five piece group. The brothers have played individually in many popular Finnish rock bands, Kie played in Don Huonot, Mikko in Egotrippi and Lemonator and Jonne in Jonna Tervomaa’s band.

VHB’s first release was called “Experience” in 2001. Their second album “Approach” was released in the spring of 2006 after quite a long break, which then gained Gold Record status in Finland and also won a Finnish Grammy (Emma for short) for Best Rock Album of 2006. The third album release “Love Remains The Same” was put out in May 2008. While the group made this album Mikko put on-line a studio diary accessible via their website, where you were able to keep up with the recording’s progress. Quite a radical idea as some groups don’t like to share the birthing process of making a new album.

Following in the footsteps of some greats of rock and roll but with a mixed style and a hint of a Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and Led Zepp type genres, i,m sure if you listen carefully too there could be a touch of an old West country group sound, the melodic tones of these groups can sometimes be heard hidden in VBH’s songs. The hard rock sounds of Von Hertzen though bring out the groups individual styles that can equal anything that has gone before, and some of their tracks will i,m sure become classics themselves.While back home in Finland they have a faithful fan base,their appeal is still growing in other countries.Von Hertzen Brothers have announced a tour of Finland to support their new album ”Nine Lives” which is due to be released in March 15th 2013. Which will also be the date of a tour of Finland starting at Rikala Bar & Grill in Salo. In April, the band will be heading to the UK for a short selected venue tour. So this should be a nice bonus for the growing number of British based fans too.

The first song called “ Insomniac” is a good start to this new album. It’s a true rock song, but with a hint of something you may recognize if your an old crusty like me. Very professionally put together as you would expect from VHB, and sets us up for the musical journey ahead. Our next track is “Flowers And Rust” not much to be said about this song other than pure joy! If this track doesn’t make you want to go see these guy’s then i’ll give up my job and become a Ostrich! (head down arse up)!! Moving onto track four “Lost In Time“. Listening to this with my eyes closed made me feel it would make a great song for a Quentin Tarantino film. With it’s melodic dark tones, it gave me the image of a lone viking ship slowly appearing from the mist on a cold calm deep watered northern lake. Could this be our own ship? lost in time? “World Without” starts with a nice acappella piece, sounding a bit spiritual and it’s not surprising really as it was sung in the monastery church of Valamo. It then goes on to develop into a great track overall. The album finishes off with “Black Hearts Cry“, I haven’t heard this style of song for many a year. It sent chills of delight down my spine not felt for a long time. I can only best describe this song as sounding a little like Jethro Tull, but more refined. I don’t really like to compare the groups this way, but all it needed was a flute somewhere and it would have stepped out straight from the past and draped itself all over my memory’s. Over all it’s got to be another hit I feel for the Von Hertzen Brothers.

“Flowers and Rust”, the first single to be taken from “Nine Lives”,was released on February 4th and can be heard on YouTube. DO IT!

Von Hertzen Brothers At MySpace

As requested by a fellow member alexander.78 from Bulgaria!
Subgenre:Progressive Rock
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